STEPHEN HOME INSPECTION INC. provides the following services:

  • Property inspections since 1990
  • Bonded with $1,000,000 errors and omissions insurance
  • Serving both buyers and sellers
  • Digital pictures provided with all reports
  • 24 hour service operating 7 days a week
  • Inspections provided on short notice
  • Sensitivity toward historic properties
  • Confidential and comprehensive computer-generated reports 30 plus pages in length
  • All reports are completed according to the MA Home Inspection standards of practice.
  • We also provide new construction, foreclosure, and seller pre-sale inspections
  • All inspections are 2 plus hours

Additional Testing Services


Your heating and cooling system typically gets an annual inspection. Your teeth and your body receives annual check-ups as well. Your pet goes to the vet every year. So why shouldn’t your property get a “physical” too! Let Stephen Home Inspection give your home the “once–over” to determine your house or condo maintenance requirements. Call to discuss how we can help you avoid unexpected expenses and give you piece of mind.


Asbestos is a mineral fiber and was added to many construction products found in the home: roofing, flooring, attic insulation, plaster, exterior siding. heat pipe and duct insulation, etc. Mr. Sala is a licensed asbestos supervisor and can provide you with an asbestos risk-assessment during the home inspection. Asbestos presence is a serious health risk linked to lung cancer. We recommend that in some cases that asbestos-containing materials be removed from the home prior to occupancy. Refer to web site for more information.


Lead paint is found in residential properties that were constructed prior to 1978. Its presence is a serious health risk to children under the age of 6. We will provide you with a lead paint risk assessment during the home inspection and we can assist you in obtaining a lead paint inspection by a licensed professional. Contact the Massachusetts Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at 617-624-5757 for more information.


Underground oil tanks are sometimes found in homes built after 1945 in the suburbs but also can be found in any home. I will look for the presence of an existing or abandoned oil tank during the home inspection process. If an underground tank is found, we recommend that you have the seller be responsible for removing the tank prior to closing on the home. Refer to website for more information on this issue.

UFFI insulation is a type of blown in foam wall insulation containing urea-formaldehyde and was used up through the 1970's . In time, high indoor concentrations of formaldehyde gas created adverse health effects in the home owners. Today, any home containing UFFI insulation should be safe however we recommend that a air-quality test be arranged to determine if high concentrations of formaldehyde gas is present either from the insulation or other construction materials such as cabinetry, wood paneling, carpet etc.

Radon is an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas produced from the natural breakdown of uranium found in the soil beneath the home. It moves through the soil and enters the home through the foundation system. The EPA has conducted studies showing that continued exposure to radon gas can lead to lung cancer. We typically provide a two-canister radon test during the home inspection for a minimal additional charge. Homes with radon levels greater than 4 pCi/L should consider the installation of a radon mitigation system. For more information about radon and its effects, visit the website

Properties with a domestic water well should be tested prior to the purchase and sale agreement. The well should be tested for bacteria, chemicals, hardness, metals etc as well as water flow. The well characteristics, location, depth, maintenance history, and age of equipment should be obtained from the seller.

Properties with sewage septic systems fall under Massachusetts Title V regulations. Any home with a septic system is required to pass a Title V inspection prior to closing. We recommend that any home that you are considering purchasing should have a passing Title V inspection in hand. However, any home 25 years or older with a original septic system may require complete replacement in the near future. Contact the Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection Title V hotline at 617-292-5886 for more information.

Mold and mildew are recent health concerns and are found in new and old homes. Refer to the US EPA website on mold at

We strongly recommend that you hire a licensed pest inspection company to inspect your property for termites and other pests.

Note: The Company recommends that all potential home buyers consider obtaining these additional testing services from other providers when there is a concern.