Lauren S.

Stephen was a great help as we were trying to understand our options with asbestos in our basement. He was very responsive, knowledgeable and always professional and courteous. He gave his expert insight and advise, as well as provided us with recommendations for vendors who could help with other tasks. Very pleased to have connected with Stephen. Would highly recommend working with Stephen.

Adam R.

Stephen's great. He came same-day and fit us in the day before he was flying out on a family vacation simply because we were in a pinch. He did a very thorough walk-through of a property we wanted to bid on, and gave us line-by-line expense estimates for everything we needed or wanted to do for fix-ups and renovations. We'll definitely call Stephen again for our next project.

Charles N.

5 stars is not enough for how I felt about our home inspection with Stephen!  
Stephen was amazing on all levels!  He was personable, thorough, knowledgeable (Knew everything about everything in the basement), and answered all of our probably stupid questions.    
Stephen opened up his schedule on Columbus Day this year, with a day notice!, and our pre-inspection was critical in helping us get a house we really wanted.
Pricing is fair on the inspection, and you are guaranteed to get your money's worth!

Samy S.

Called him for advice/referral for a radon mitigation service late this afternoon. Took the time to give me all sorts of useful advice about radon and its mitigation while he had no real obligation to. Much appreciated and would refer to him if I ever needed his services again. Obviously a guy who knows what he's doing and of high character.

Samanta S.

Stephen was amazing! He responded promptly and gave us a date. He arrived to the inspection before time and was very thorough. He walked us through the entire time and explained everything to us.
He is very knowledgable, efficient and he knows what he is doing!
Unfortunately the house deal fell through the first time, but we called him for inspection of another house to which he again responded very fast.
He even gave us a discount second time.
I definitely recommend his service to anyone looking to get their potential new home inspected.

Alicia G.

Steve was refered to me as a Home Inspector. I was told he was great, very knowledgeable and very thorough. I was so happy to find it was all true and then some. I was so impressed!  Steve gets an A++++  Do yourself a favor and hire the best.. A great HI can save you alot of $ and hassle. A bad one will do the opposite.